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Changing Minds Services for Professionals and IL/AL Locations

PAC Training

Positive Approach® to Care Training

Professional care partner dementia care education utilizing certified independent trainers in the Positive Approach to Care program $50/person

4 hours

Brain Optimization

Monitoring Brain Health and Engage with Clients

Facility visits to monitor the progress and engagement of the person living with dementia



Dementia Care Consult

Private dementia care consultations by a certified independent Positive Approach® to Care Consultant to personalize a care plan for those living with dementia and their care partners, particularly those having difficulties with behavior related to living with dementia


Brain Optimization

Education on Brain Optimization

Learn how to optimize the brain health of your clients:

⁃ Diet
⁃ Exercise
⁃ Sleep optimization
⁃ Stress reduction
⁃ Socialization
⁃ Cognitive stimulation


Speaking Engagement

Host a workshop or educational meeting on aging and overall brain health as community outreach.


Coaching Employee in PAC Skills

Facility visits to discuss employee implementation of Positive Approach® skill set, support employees and administration to best care for their residents.


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